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Doc Lou (lead vocals, harmonica, rhythm guitar), backed by Jeff Hug (lead guitar, backup vocals) and Mitch Geronimo (drum, backup vocals) produces a unique blues from the tradition but with his eyes firmly on the future. Get on board for an adventurous boiling-hot road trip!


The trio does not hesitate to stray off the beaten path and to mix genres: louisiana and swamp blues, texas beats and southern rock. This blend gave life to a strong cocktail of original songs, sometimes stripped down, sometimes wild, in which the songwriter sings about his wanderlust and his journeys of initiation and exaltation.

The artist paid his dues in Paris and in the United States between 2010 and 2015. In love with Louisiana and Mississippi, he hung out with several local blues luminaries, all the while putting together his own band. Having settled in the South of France in 2015, he recorded several albums of original tunes: Crowing Blues (2019), Back to Louisiana (2021), Cock-A-Doodle-Live (2023) in which he explores the rich tradition of southern music. Their influences are the best that the bayous have produced, mostly from the Gulf Coast area.


The band’s reputation was forged on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean sea, reputation due in no small part to the sidemen’s thirty year reputation in the region. The trio’s originality resides in its unusual instrumentation: unusual grooves are mixed with astonishing vocal harmonies and masterful fingerpicking and slide guitar playing which make the listener forget that the band does not have a bassist. The artist mixes his own crooner’s voice to zydeco accordion-like sounds extracted from his magical “mouth organ”.


The 2021 Challenge Blues Français finalists went on to the brink of the semi finals in Memphis’ Beale street clubs during 2023 IBC. Since then, the reputation of the band is clearly on the rise, well beyond their home base of Occitania, south of France. With our three wild southern roosters, the bayou gators have better watch out!

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